Toma-Toma Kizomba 6

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<p>"TOOOOOOMAAAAAAAA!!!!</p> <p>Half-a-dozen editions... Who would have thought? We didn't! :D</p> <p>The family where you feel like you are at home. You can dance what you like the most!</p> <p>Atmosphere! Atmosphere! Atmosphere! We don't want you to go home with memories... We want you to go home with awesome feelings! ;)</p> <p>We welcome ALL members with arms wide open for a weekend of dancing, learning, socializing, seeing old friends, meeting new ones, the best music, FUN FUN FUN!!!</p> <p>We have 5 additions to our Toma Family this year! ;)</p> <p>Who are they? :P</p> <p>The Underdogs of every Festival. The people that are in charge of feeding your soul through your ears:</p> <p>Who are they? :</p> <p>Announced Teachers: <br />Ricardo and Paula from ALC Dance Company<br />Bruno &amp; Catarina from ALC Dance Company<br />Albir Rojas<br />Miguel &amp; Susana<br />João &amp; Giedre<br />Jacinto Teca &amp; Lucie<br />Alvaro &amp; Mirabella<br />Andrius &amp; Vaida<br />Marian &amp; Sisa</p> <p><br />Announced Djs:<br />Dj Hugo Boss<br />Dj To Costa<br />Dj Supaman<br />Dj Madje<br />Dj Rock<br />Dj Coração<br />Dj Azmael</p> <p>JOIN US!!!!!"</p>
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Toma-Toma Kizomba 6


Thursday, 12 July, 2018 10:00 PM

Monday, 16 July, 2018 8:00 AM

Rivers Club Tyršovo nábrežie
Bratislava - 85101
Slovakia (Slovak Republic)

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