Official - Viva kizomba Congress Amsterdam ‘18

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<p>"* ALL EVENTS IN 1 HOTEL*</p> <p>Official - Viva kizomba Congress Amsterdam ‘18<br />♛ Viva Kizomba Congress Amsterdam'18 Official Event♛ <br />★ 8th 9th, 10th , 11th, 12th and 13th of AUGUST 2018 with 2 big rooms ( kizomba/semba/social semba/Rumba/Zouk and Urban Kiz/Ghetto zouk/Tarraxa)★</p> <p>* ALL EVENTS IN 1 HOTEL*</p> <p>The WILD EDITION! Last year we presented our first edition of Viva kizomba congress; the second edition will be even better and wilder. We are thrilled to present to you: The WILD edition! More information regarding our wild edition concept will follow soon. <br />The second edition of Viva Kizomba Congress Amsterdam is being held in the same amazing venue as the previous edition: the luxury Hotel van der Valk Schiphol A4. The venue is 15 minutes from Schiphol airport and only 13 minutes from the centre of Amsterdam.<br />Hotel, parties till 6am, after till 11am, socials and workshops will all be in this hotel!</p> <p>Viva offers you:<br />● Two large dance rooms <br />● 1 Pre party (Wednesday)<br />● More than 50 hours workshops<br />● 4 Socials<br />● 4 Parties<br />● 4 Afterparties</p> <p>★▬▬ ★ ARTISTS LINE UP ★▬▬ ★ <br />★ Moun<br />★ Mike Even's &amp; Macarena<br />★ Aimé Beurt &amp; Trecy Gomes <br />★ Davide Venturi &amp; Laura <br />★ Pierre-Yves &amp; Sarah <br />★ Renna &amp; Lau<br />★ Saber &amp; Majdouline<br />★ Jonathan Kani<br />★ Urban Kizz Amsterdam<br />★ Chamalo &amp; Mirty<br />★ Afro Vibes<br />Coming soon:<br /> 2 semba instructors <br /> Ladystyling instructor 1<br /> Ladystyling instructor 2</p> <p><br />★▬▬ ★ DJ LINE UP ★▬▬ ★<br />★Dj Zay'x <br />★Dj Maximelody<br />★Dj Snakes <br />★Dj NARC6<br />★Dj Morelasoul <br />★Dj NiceLife <br />★Dj Malick <br />★Dj Lisa Rose <br />★Dj Makarof<br />★Dj Dani Fernandes<br />★Dj Dr FeelGood<br />★Dj Stefanio Lima<br />★Dj Tati<br />★Dj Karl Con Klass<br />★Dj Sai Sai</p> <p><br />★▬▬ ★ CONFERENCE ★▬▬ ★<br />More to come soon: only academics</p> <p>★▬▬ ★ VENUE ★▬▬ ★<br />Van Der Valk Hotel Schiphol A4<br />Rijksweg A 4 Nr 3<br />2132 MA Hoofddorp – Schiphol<br />Netherland</p> <p>We will offer you:<br />★ A big dancing room of 2000m2 (Urban Kiz/Ghetto zouk/Tarraxa)<br />★ Additional smaller dancing room of 800 m2 (kizomba/semba/social semba/Rumba/Zouk)<br />★ Economic and luxury rooms reserved for visitors of Viva Kizomba Congress<br />★ A free shuttle from the airport Schiphol to the main hotel <br />★ Free parking spaces <br />★ Modern wellness centre and a luxurious gym<br />★ Spacious indoor pool<br />★ Big and beautiful outdoor space <br />★ Nice breakfast from 5 till 11 am <br />★ Free Wi-Fi<br />★ Elegant restaurant and cosy hotel bar<br />★A delicious dinner is available for additional charges</p> <p>Official Event: Official - Viva kizomba congress '18<br />Facebook page: Viva Kizomba Congress Amsterdam <br />Website:<br />Instagram: vivakizomba<br />Email:<br />Ticket shop:"</p>
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Official - Viva kizomba Congress Amsterdam ‘18


Wednesday, 8 August, 2018 10:00 PM

Monday, 13 August, 2018 9:00 AM

Van der Valk Hotel Schiphol A4 Rijksweg A4 Nr.3
Amsterdam - 2132

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