Marrabenta Venice Kizomba Festival

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<p>English🇬🇧 - italiano 🇮🇹 - português🇦🇴🇧🇷</p> <p>》MARRABENTA VENICE KIZOMBA FESTIVAL 2019《</p> <p>⭐ First Kizomba, Semba and Afro Traditional Dances International Event in Venice-Italy ⭐</p> <p>✦ We present you some of the best artists! ✦</p> <p>⚠️ ARTISTS LINE-UP ⚠️<br />▪Albir Rojas<br />▪Curtis &amp; Carola<br />▪Mandela Mandela<br />▪Rico &amp; Adda<br />▪Dino da Cruz &amp; Elisa Sala<br />▪Willy Dianza<br />▪Fabricio &amp; Josy<br />▪Paulo &amp; Lanna<br />▪Marcio &amp; Kimi<br />▪Davide &amp; Laura<br />▪Edo &amp; Denise<br />▪David &amp; Barbara<br />▪Gil Afroman &amp; Gloria<br />▪Bonifacio Aurio<br />▪Antonella Petrucci<br />▪Carlo &amp; Anja<br />▪Puma<br />▪Yilian Perez<br />▪Davide &amp; Cilene<br />▪Ba &amp; Odeta<br />▪Bobby Simon &amp; Lara<br />▪Andrea Delaluz<br />▪Alay &amp; Lara<br />▪Fabio &amp; Laura Afrekete<br />▪Davide &amp; Agnese<br />▪Ireneo &amp; Isabella<br />▪Denis &amp; Susanna<br />▪Issam &amp; Chiara<br />▪Massi &amp; Naidi<br />▪Stefano &amp; Eleonora<br />▪Simone &amp; Elena<br />▪Kizomba Addicted<br />▪Omar &amp; Giulia<br />▪Fadhel &amp; Federica<br />▪Cristoforo &amp; Paola<br />▪Sneja<br />▪Patrizia Brucale<br />▪Alex Vunda<br />▪Sara Santoro<br />▪Luca &amp; Nora<br />▪Nico &amp; Alessia<br />▪Gianfilippo &amp; Elena<br />▪Sandro &amp; Sonia<br />▪Claudio &amp; Stefania<br />▪Enea &amp; Anna<br />▪Giuseppe &amp; Marina<br />▪Carlo &amp; Veronica<br />▪Stefano &amp; Beatrice<br />▪Sandro Santos<br />▪Kizomba Romagna<br />▪Domenico Cubao</p> <p>🎧 DJs 🎧<br />□ Dj Paparazzi<br />□ Dj To Costa<br />□ Dj Virus<br />□ Dj Dany &amp; Lisa<br />□ Dj Hugo Boss<br />□ Dj Delahoy<br />□ Dj Ghost Face<br />□ Dj Virgin<br />□ Dj Anilson<br />□ Dj Jackye<br />□ Dj Jordan<br />□ Dj Massakre<br />... and more</p> <p>🏨️ LOCATION AND ROOMS 🏨</p> <p>••AO HOTEL VENEZIA MESTRE••</p> <p>“AO Hotel Venezia Mestre is happy to welcome Marrabenta Venice Kizomba Festival guests!<br />Book your stay directly on a&amp;o website with a 10% discount using the promo code: MVKF2019<br />DIRECT LINK TO BOOK FROM APRIL 2018 ON</p> <p>Located in Mestre, in Via Ca’ Marcello 19, just a 5 minutes walk from the train station, AO Venice Mestre offers accommodation with free WiFi.<br />You can choose en suite rooms with a flat-screen, or beds in dormitories.<br />A breakfast buffet is available every morning.<br />Snacks and drinks can be enjoyed at the on-site bar.</p> <p>Do you want to have a tour of Venice? You can easily reach the city, a 10 minute train ride away.</p> <p>Venice Marco Polo airport is 8km from the property; TrevisoAirport 30 km.</p>
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Marrabenta Venice Kizomba Festival


Friday, 5 April, 2019 1:00 PM

Sunday, 7 April, 2019 8:00 PM

Via Ca Marcello 19
Venice - 30172

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