Kizomba with Riovana

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<p>Learn to dance Kizomba with Riovana!<br /><br />Kizomba is the fastest growing social dance style in the world. Often mistakenly referred to as African Tango, this dance style blends moderns African &amp; Urban music with a beautiful and powerful connection. Originating from Africa, Kizomba exploded onto the European dance scene from Lisbon in Portugal. With many new styles now including Kiz, Ghetto Zouk &amp; Urban Kiz, this deceptively simple looking dance has an incredible combination of simplicity and complexity.<br /><br />Riovana's world class curriculum has been tried and tested in bringing out the best in its students. Creating the cleanest leads and most responsive follows has been the goal of Riovana, and the dancers it has created are its proof.<br /><br />Whether it's for fitness, coordination, trying something new, or just meeting new people, come down on Thursday nights for an amazing time. <br /><br />Classes are from 7:30pm-9:30pm with a party straight afterwards!<br /><br />7:15pm Doors Open<br />7:30pm Level 2 Foundation Concepts and Choreography<br />8:30pm Level 1 Beginners**</p>
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Kizomba with Riovana

Kizomba Events | Class

Thursday, 25 April, 2019, 7:15 PM-9:30 PM

North Perth Town Hall 26 View Street, North Perth
Perth - 6006

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