Kizomba Life Week-End 4°Edition

Event Description

<p>"Kizomba Life Week-End is not only a workshop but expecially fun! With this festival,thanks to the patronage of the town,we want to organize a weekend full of fun and also take advantage of the sun of the last days of september,to give you the beautiful sea of our territory,the flavors of our fantastic maremma cuisine,always accompanied by excellent and international local wines. We have set ourselves the objective of growing the tuscan kizombera family and to give you a beautiful memory of our coast. This really at a low cost price to give a chance also to those who want to do an hit and run to nearby towns to partecipate spending an average of how much he spends in his hometown during the weekend!!!</p> <p>LINE UP (in update)</p> <p><br />JOJO &amp; MICKAELA (FR) LET'S PLAY KIZOMBA<br />LUCA &amp; DEBORA (ITA) LDKIZOMBA (TO)<br />MARIO JORDAO E LAURY ESMERALDA (AN)<br />WILLY DIANZA (FR)<br />EDO &amp; DENISE (ITA) KIZMI<br />YILIAN KIZOMBA BOLOGNA<br />JOSE' &amp; LA FRE' (BRA/ITA) KIZOMBA LIFE (GR-LI)<br />GIL AFROMAN &amp;GLORIA KIZMI<br />DOMENICO CINISI<br />ANDREA E ILARIA <br />CARLA BENELLI &amp; EBE (ITA/SW)<br />OMAR &amp; GIULIA QUIERES BAILAR (VE)<br />MIRKO SPANO KIZOMBA SENSUAL (CA)<br />CRISTOFORO &amp; PAOLA KIZOMBA TRANI (BA)<br />STEFANO &amp; BEATRICE KIZOMBA RIMINI (RN)<br />DAVIDE SARTORIS DAVIDE SARTORIS (TO)<br />GUENE &amp; CRISTINE KIZOMBA BOLZANO<br />SIMONE &amp; ELISA VALLE LATINA (SV)<br />FABRIZIO &amp; PAMELA KIZOMBA TORINO<br />CONSUELO KIZMI<br />FRANCESCO GENESIO KIZOMBA EVOLUTION<br />LUCA &amp; NORA KIZOMBA BERGAMO<br />DAX E SERENA KIZOMBA NORD OVEST<br />VALTER MENGOLINI kIZOMBA FORLÌ<br />MASSI E NAIDI<br />DANIEL &amp; FEDERICA KIZOMBA MAGICA<br />GIUSEPPE &amp; MARINA REVOLUTION ACADEMY<br />DAVIDE E CILENE<br />GIORGIA GUASTINI<br />MAURIZIO &amp; CLAUDIA DIMENSIONE LATINA<br />CARLO E VERONICA</p> <p>E MOLTI ALTRI.... :-)</p> <p>DEEJAYS</p> <p>GEPPO DJ<br />DJ ROAN<br />DJ JOSE' CAPITANI<br />DJ DREW<br />DJ GHOST<br />DJ ANILSON<br />DJ MODE<br />DJ VANDI<br />DJ JAILSON JLOPES</p> <p>TAXI DANCERS BOSS</p> <p>LUIGI MEANDRO ( FOR THE MAN)<br />KATIA MARZIALI ( FOR THE LADIES)"</p>
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Kizomba Life Week-End 4°Edition


Friday, 21 September, 2018 3:00 PM

Sunday, 23 September, 2018 11:45 PM

Villaggio Orizzonte località Perelli 10 - Riotorto
Piombino - 57025

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