K-Iceland Festival Reykjavik 2018

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<p>"K-ICELAND Festival Reykjavik is the coziest and the northernmost Kizomba festival on Earth!</p> <p>1st EDITION was a BLAST! Be ready for the 2nd EDITION <br />SEPT 14th-16th, 2018 in Reykjavik</p> <p>Iceland...<br />This magical island between North America and Europe invites kizombeiros from all around the world to dance together during a week-end. <br />Come to experience the energy Iceland has to give to you, learn from world-class teachers, share with a great team of taxi-dancers, dance with an international dance floor, enjoy K-ICELAND Festival...</p> <p>ARTISTS:<br />✮ RONIE SALEH (Sweden - Stockholm) - confirmed<br />✮ GREG &amp; TANIA (Sweden - Goteborg) - confirmed<br />✮ LUCIA NOGUEIRA (USA/Portugal) - confirmed<br />✮ DONALD WILSON (Germany - Cologne) - confirmed<br />✮ SAYANA (France - Lyon) - confirmed<br />✮ BORBOLETA &amp; GUIU (Spain - Barcelona) - confirmed<br />✮ STOU (France - Paris) - confirmed<br />and more to come...</p> <p>DJ's<br />✮ ALNOVA (France)<br />✮ STOU (France)<br />✮ RONIE SALEH (Sweden)<br />✮ Dj IET (USA)</p> <p><br />MC<br />✮ RONIE SALEH (Sweden)</p> <p>TAXI-DANCERS<br />✮ COMING SOON...</p> <p><br />MORE TO BE ANNOUNCED !</p> <p><br />LOCATION:</p> <p>Check our interactive map :<br />https://drive.google.com/open?id=1Z552VieyEJmIVeGaRCIctR4BM_w&amp;usp=sharing</p> <p>K-ICELAND FESTIVAL will take place in Reykjavik<br />Venue: Listdansskóli Íslands - Engjateigur 1, 105 Reykjavik</p> <p>ACCOMMODATIONS:</p> <p>Official Hotel: <br />• City Park Hotel Reykjavik (400m)<br />SAVE 15% WITH PROMOCODE: kiceland<br />http://cityparkhotel.is</p> <p>Here a list of the other hotels you can find around the venue (with distance):<br />• Grand Hótel Reykjavík (350m)<br />• Hilton Reykjavik Nordica (200m)<br />• Reykjavik Lights by Keahotels (550m)<br />• Hotel Lotus (600m)<br />• Hótel Ísland (550m)</p> <p>List of Hostels in Reykjavik:<br />• Kex Hostel Reykjavik (2.4km)<br />• Bus Hostel Reykjavik (3.6km)<br />• Oddsson Ho(s)tel (4.7km)<br />• Galaxy Pod Hostel (700m walking)<br />• Hlemmur Square (1.6km)<br />• Capital-Inn (3.1km)</p> <p>But because Iceland became one of the most attractive destinations, we recommend not to wait too much to book your accommodations. See more details on our website: www.kicelandfestival.com</p> <p>TOURS:<br />Book your tours with GrayLine Iceland and use our special promocode!!! Offer available on any tours between Sept 10th-Sept 20th...<br />PROMOCODE: KIZOMBA <br />www.grayline.is</p> <p>K-ICELAND Festival Reykjavik is:<br />▶︎▶︎ Touristic time in Crazy Landscapes (Golden Circle - Secret Lagoon ...)<br />▶︎▶︎ 3 SOCIAL NIGHTS: FRIDAY, SATURDAY &amp; SUNDAY<br />▶︎▶︎ Discount in many restaurants and bars in Reykjavik with your bracelet.</p> <p><br />BOOK YOUR TRAVEL IN TIME</p> <p>Iceland is one of the most attractive destinations right now.</p> <p>Due to a important raise of tourists, we recommend you to book your accommodation and your flight tickets on time.</p> <p>Flight companies flying to Iceland :</p> <p>• WOW AIR is flying from 37 cities in Europe and North America directly to Reykjavik (KEFLAVIK Airport), and offers really competitive prices. https://wowair.com/<br />• https://www.kefairport.is/english/<br />• http://www.visiticeland.com/plan-your-trip/travel-to-iceland/fly-to-iceland</p> <p><br />HOW TO REACH REYKJAVIK FROM THE AIRPORT?</p> <p>Flybus is the airport shuttle from Keflavik International Airport to Downtown Reykjavik. It takes approximatly 45min to reach Reykjavik. Drop-off are possible to BSÍ Bus Station Terminal or directly at your hotel.<br />https://www.re.is/flybus/</p> <p>HOW TO REACH THE WORKSHOPS VENUE FROM DOWNTOWN?</p> <p>By bus - www.staeto.is :<br />From : Hlemmur (Main Bus Station) To : Nordica<br />Lines 2, 5, 17, 15<br />(2min + 5 min walk)</p> <p><br />Share, like, attend and invite your friends if you want to support us!<br />Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/kicelandfestival<br />Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/kicelandfestival<br />Official Event: https://www.facebook.com/events/2008505596062356/<br />Website: http://www.kicelandfestival.com</p> <p>PAYMENT METHODS:<br />INTERNATIONAL ATTENDEES: CREDIT CARD<br />ICELAND: LOCAL PAYMENTS VIA ""AUR"" OR BANK TRANSFER ARE ENCOURAGED . (Choose PAY LATER option)</p> <p>CANCELLATIONS POLICY<br />The passes are not refundable.</p> <p>CHANGES<br />The pass can be transferred until September 10th, 2018 by sending an email with your name and the name of the person to whom you transfer the pass. Only after receiving our confirmation by return email, the pass transfer will be valid."</p>
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K-Iceland Festival Reykjavik 2018


Friday, 14 September, 2018 6:00 PM

Sunday, 16 September, 2018 12:00 AM

Listdansskóli Íslands Engjateigur 1
Reykjavík - 105

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