CKF18 - Christmas Kizomba Festival

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<p><a href="" target="_blank">The Fantastic 4</a> present to you CKF18 - Christmas Kizomba Festival, the 5th Anniversary, with a special addition, in 2018 we will have 5 Parties from Wednesday until Sunday. Workshops will start Friday and we will have 5 rooms, and 1 of them will be only for solo dances like KUDURO, TRIBAL, AFROHOUSE, STYLING and other Solo Dances.<br /><br />Confirmed Artists:<br />MIGUEL&amp;SUSANA - PORTUGAL<br />PAULO&amp;LANNA - ANGOLA/PORTUGAL<br />MESTRE PETCHU - ANGOLA<br />TOMAS KEITA - GUINÉ BISSAU/SPAIN<br />WATY &amp; MARTA CABO - VERDE/PORTUGAL<br />ADONIS&amp;HARA - GREECE<br />FRANS&amp;SARAH - BELGIUM<br />TONY&amp;CARLA - SPAIN/ANGOLA/CABO VERDE<br />MAURO@ANA RITA - ANGOLA/PORTUGAL<br />CAPITÃO&amp;MARIANA - PORTUGAL<br />PAULO SAMURAI&amp;ANA - PORTUGAL<br />RICARDO&amp;JÉSSICA - PORTUGAL<br />ANDRÉ&amp;SUSANA - PORTUGAL<br />EMMANUEL&amp;JANNA - UK<br />PIOTR&amp;MARTA - POLAND<br />DIOGO&amp;ANA - PORTUGAL<br />FÁBIO “KRAYZE” - ANGOLA/PORTUGAL<br />LUISA LEAL - PORTUGAL<br />KATINHA - PANGUANA MOÇAMBIQUE <br />ZILDA - ANGOLA/FRANCE<br /><br />DJ's:<br />DJ TÓ COSTA - ANGOLA<br />DJ CARLOS KING - MOÇAMBIQUE<br />DJ LUCAS - PORTUGAL<br />DJ OCEANO - SÃO TOMÉ E PRINCIPE<br />DJ MAD-JE - PORTUGAL<br />DJ SABURA - PORTUGAL<br />DJ PAPARAZZI - ESPANHA<br />DJ SUPAMAN - SLOVAKIA<br />DJ HUGO BOSS - MOÇAMBIQUE<br /><br /><br />The Workshops will be held again at Jazzy Santos with some of the BEST and MOST IMPORTANT teachers and dancers in the world, and the Parties 100m away at Barrio Latino with our TOP DJ'S.<br /><br />Accomodation <br />CKF will be held in the most turistic part of the beautiful LISBOA, right in front of the Tejo River, so to find a place to sleep is very easy... here it is a selection of hostels all less then 1.2km from the venue.<br /><br />Jardim de Santos Hostel - Clossest Hostel<br />Sunset Destination Hostel<br />PH Lisbon Hostel<br />Lisbon Old Town Hostel<br />Lisb'on Hostel<br />Lost inn Lisbon Hostel<br />Lisbon Calling Hostel<br />Oasis Backpackers Hostel Lisbon - (1.2km)</p>
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CKF18 - Christmas Kizomba Festival


Wednesday, 12 December, 2018 10:00 PM

Sunday, 16 December, 2018 5:00 AM

Jazzy Dance Studios - Santos Rua da Cintura do Porto a Santos, Armazém J
Lisbon - 1200-109

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