Bratislava Winter Festival 2nd Edition 29th

Event Description

<p>"STARTING ON THURSDAY PREPARTY WITH DJ Saï Saï!</p> <p>Join us and together we will create a dance family of kizomba &amp; urban kiz &amp; bachata</p> <p>👀👀👀 OUR LINE UP 👀👀👀</p> <p>💟Kizomba &amp; Urban kiz💟<br />Ronie Saleh (Sweden) - CONFIRMED<br />Doumb Kizomba Suave (France) - CONFIRMED<br />Daniel &amp; Jasmin (Germany) - CONFIRMED<br />Marcio &amp; Maya (Holland) - CONFIRMED<br />Yami &amp; Marta (France/Italy) - CONFIRMED<br />Marta Mignone / Styling (Italy) - CONFIRMED<br />Roméo-Steph Kizomba (France) - CONFIRMED</p> <p>DJ Pingusso (Luxembourg) - CONFIRMED<br />DJ Saï Saï (France) - CONFIRMED<br />DJ Valet (France) - CONFIRMED<br />DJ Malick (Bordeaux / France) - CONFIRMED<br />DJ Narc6 (Germany) - CONFIRMED</p> <p>MORE WILL BE ANNOUNCED SOON!!</p> <p>💟Bachata💟<br />Arnold Hathazi &amp; Wandaisha Lopez (Romania/USA) - CONFIRMED<br />Miki &amp; Nora Kocsis (Germany/Hungary-Czech republic) - CONFIRMED<br />Peter &amp; Alexandra (Slovakia) - CONFIRMED</p> <p>MORE WILL BE ANNOUNCED SOON!!</p> <p>DJ MX Lab (France) - CONFIRMED<br />DJ Chemist (UK) - CONFIRMED<br />DJ Ille (Czech Republic) - CONFIRMED<br />DJ Peťák (Czech Republic) - CONFIRMED<br />DJ MomoLatino (Czech Republic) - CONFIRMED</p> <p>💟Taxi dancers💟<br />Our concept of taxi dancers is to make the dance floor balanced with the both leaders &amp; followers and to invite nice guys who can dance all the styles</p> <p>Jose Enrique Valerio (Switzerland / Venezuela) - CONFIRMED<br />Kizz Ryders (Holland) - CONFIRMED</p> <p>💟Special guests💟<br />We appreciate support from our friends &amp; great dancers and teachers therefore there are the couple of guys coming as the guests to have fun and dance!</p> <p>Dana Najem / Germany - Urban Kiz - CONFIRMED<br />Pavel &amp; Eliška (Prague) - Masters of the Czech Republic in Bachata 2017 (CDO) - CONFIRMED<br />Viola Palmai / Hungary / UK - CONFIRMED<br />Michael Daimon / Holland - KIZZ RYDERS Taxi Team - CONFIRMED <br />Jason Terrence / Holland - CONFIRMED<br />Joshua Dos Santos Campos - CONFIRMED<br />Lucie Ženatá (CZ) &amp; Jacinto Teca (Angola / CZ) &amp; Magdaléna (SK / CZ) - CONFIRMED<br />Gil Afroman / Italy - CONFIRMED<br />More will be added soon! Stay tuned!<br />"</p>
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Bratislava Winter Festival 2nd Edition 29th


Thursday, 29 November, 2018 9:00 PM

Monday, 3 December, 2018 6:00 AM

Hotel Tatra **** Námestie 1. Mája,
Bratislava - 811 06
Slovakia (Slovak Republic)

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