What is your favourite Kizomba song and video combo?

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Sometimes you hear a song and instantly! know you love it.  But arrrgh what is the name of the song!? Shazam? (no match).  Or you’re mid dance and can’t reach your phone, well, not without being too obvious. Ah I know, I’ll ask the DJ, he/she loves! me (they don’t). Truth is, just stay in the moment and enjoy it, if it’s a banger like it feels to you, you’ll hear it again soon. eventually you’ll  see the video on youtube and it takes you to a whole new level.

Share, what is your favourite Kizomba song and video combo?

Our choice: Paulo Flores – Kunanga de Amor. You hear it and its impossible not to dance. The video is genius, so many of our favourite faces appear, can you name them all?

Paulo Flores – Kunanga de Amor


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